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Welcome to autoDEALERmls!

autoDEALERmls introduces Trafficircle. Trafficircle provides a simple way for auto dealers to get the brands they sell in front of the customers searching for those vehicles. Learn More

autoDEALERmls is a service that automates Internet marketing and promotion for Auto Dealers. Using the power of search engines to attract more buyers, autoDEALERmls provides a service that uses vehicle listing photos to automatically creates a video and posts them to YouTube and other media sites.

The game to win is getting to the top of search engine results. autoDEALERmls can place dealer vehicle inventory high on search engines indexes using our new video slideshow service using our proprietary tagging and posting technology.

One of the ways we obtain great search results is to post listings as a video on YouTube which is then picked up by Google (Google owns YouTube). YouTube is the only effective way to be able to place vehicle listings on Google’s Index [define] reliably. According to recent research “The easiest way to the top of a search page on Google, is with video.â€� (See Current Market Research, Forrester 1) . Forrester Research says a video file has a 50 times greater chance of being indexed by Google over a standard text page.

At the same time that vehicle listing is being posted to YouTube, each listing is also posted to an extensive list of Syndicated Media Sites that carry video vehicle listings. This back-linked network of postings will help the Search Engine Optimization [define] for each listing and will also increase the Page Rank [define] for the Dealer’s own web site.

To complete the sales loop, each listing is linked back to the Dealer’s web site along with the ability to add tracking phone numbers or emails. Once the listing is dropped from the Dealer's data feed it is automatically removed from the syndication channels and dropped from the indexes.

Your vehicle listings get broad exposure using autoDEALERmls's nimble and effective technology and your existing data feeds to capture in-market consumers using the Internet.

International auto dealers and in-channel distributors are welcome. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page for special instructions.

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